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Additional hiking buses*

* Are not included in the Zillertal Activcard

Taxi Region

  RT1  Regiotaxis: Stumm - Stummerberg

  RT2  Regiotaxis: Aschau - Distelberg - Gattererberg

  Gruber Peter
T:  +43 664 52 53 056 (Stummerberg)
T: +43 664 26 36 364  (Gattererberg)


  TW1 Taxi Wegscheider: Zillertaler Höhenstraße
T: +43 664 180 16 35

Hiking lines:

  WL1 Hiking lines: MHF - Stilluptal

  WL2 Hiking lines: MHF - Grüne Wand

  Taxi Thaler

 Hiking Taxi

 WT2 Hiking Taxi: Ginzling - Materialseilbahn Greizer Hütte

  Hüttenshutte Floitental
Reini's Taxi
T:  +43 650 463 75 75


  Tuxer: Hobalm Vallruckalm

  Tuxer Hiking Taxi: Stoankasern

  Tuxer Hiking Taxi: Lämmerbichlalm

  T: +43 664 4260106


  Huts and Hiking Taxi: Verschiedene Hütten und Destination stehen Ihnen im Zillertal sowie an der Zillertaler Höhenstraße, im Gerlostal, im Zillergrund, im Stillupptal, im Zemmgrund sowie im Tuxertal

  Taxi Sandhofer
T: +43 5282 3604

  Taxi Kröll 
Tel: +43 5285 62260

  Hot tip: Shuttleservice

The Four Seasons Travel shuttle service will take you from Innsbruck, Munich, Salzburg or Jenbach to your hotel and back at any time.

Quick and easy booking: Booking the transfer only takes a few minutes. A specially designed booking system ensures the smooth process. 

  • Transport of dogs in buses and cable cars is only possible with muzzle and leash.
  • Free transport of bicycles in buses only if there is sufficient space.
  • Bicycle transport on the Zillertalbahn is not included in the Zillertal Activcard.
  • Groups of 10 or more, please register by 12:00 noon the day before! Thank you for your understanding.
  • In the early and late season, limited operation of the mountain railways, public transport and swimming pools is to be expected.
  • Tolls must be paid separately.
  • No guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the information. Subject to change without notice. Current timetable information at:

*Hiking taxis/hiking buses are not included in the Zillertal Activcard. 

The Zillertal at a Glance


Welcome to Zillertal! Where sun, snow and well-being become the meaning of life and where great freedom tempts you to let go.

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Cuisine in Zillertal

Award-winning traditional inn, toque-holding restaurants, romantic lodges and stylish mountain restaurants guarantee unique taste experiences.

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Hosts in Zillertal

Find the right accommodation for your perfect winter holiday in Zillertal – from cosy private rooms to luxury five-star hotels.

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Getting to Zillertal

Zillertal is located in the west of Austria and is the widest of the side valleys on the south side of the Inntal Valley. Get to Zillertal safely and comfortably.

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Zillertal Superskipass
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Zillertal Activcard
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